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Why Hyphen?

Hyphen started as a Stanford University graduate school project borne from personal frustration:

“I grew tired of glasses that clashed with the structure of my face--glasses that dig into my cheeks or slide down my nose. It was impossible to find eyewear that both looked good and fit comfortably. High-end designer frames that looked beautiful just didn’t look right on my face. Even glasses that were marketed as ‘alternative fit’ or ‘Asian fit’ looked awkward on me. I knew that there had to be a better way and that’s why I started Hyphen with a few friends. ”  - JW Kim, Hyphen Eyewear Founder.

Hyphen Eyewear creates premium eyewear for people who don’t conform to western facial features. By designing for the beautiful facial features of other ethnicities, Hyphen celebrates our differences and enables all of us to express ourselves with eyewear that fits well and, more importantly, that looks great on you. We believe that well designed eyewear lets you feel like your best self.

What do we mean by people who don’t conform to western facial-features? Specifically, we are focusing on people who have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Lower nose bridge

  • High cheekbones

  • High eyebrows

”All of your eyewear fits me, that’s unheard of for me. Now it’s just a matter of finding my style and color.” - Caroline from San Francisco, trying on half Hyphen Eyewear 1st collection.